7 Signs You Need Storm Damage Roof Repairs

storm damage roof repairs

Here in Northern Virginia, we have quite a few “opportunities” each year when storm damage might attack your roof. In the winter, ice dams can be a problem. During spring, summer and autumn, we can get heavy thunderstorms with hail, wind and torrential rains. Some newer and well-built roofs can hold up to stormy weather pretty well, but sometimes the weather is just bad enough that even the toughest roof will need inspection and repair afterward. The point is to know what to look for and who to call when you suspect you need storm damage roof repairs.

After any blustery, icy, rainy, hail-riddled storm, check the following things:

  1. Check the Attic—leaks, water stains and puddles on the floor are a dead giveaway that damage has occurred somewhere and water is getting inside from the outside. Before it gets any worse, call Affordable Quality for help.
  2. Inspect the Gutters—Even from the ground, you should be able to tell if the gutters have been dented, cracked or separated from the house. If the gutters are damaged, water has more chances to get in where it shouldn’t; either on the roof or into the siding. This is one of the most common storm damage roof repair needs.
  3. Look for Excessive Granule Loss—The older the roof, the more susceptible the protective granules on the shingles are to erosion, particularly when the weather is bad. Look around the downspouts from your gutters and if you see a lot of granules after a storm, you know it’s getting closer to the time when you may need to have a full roof replacement done.
  4. Check the Shingles—Note any loose, flapping, missing, warped or buckled shingles. These shingles cannot properly do their job keeping the elements out of your home.
  5. See Any Loose or Broken Metal?—Look closely at the flashing around chimneys, vents, roof valleys, edges, etc. Flashing is a thin material strip that protects these areas from water infiltration and they can be particularly vulnerable to bad weather. If any of these areas are cracked, broken or missing, you will need prompt storm damage roof repair to keep water from getting in during a future storm.
  6. Hail Damage—Check both the roof (particularly metal flashing, the chimney, exhaust pipes, etc. for the pockmarks of hail damage. You should also check your siding for holes or dents, and if you see any, call us right away.
  7. Trees Down?—Stay safe! When trees are down, electrical lines could be involved as well. Call your utility company and stay away from the house until they give the all-clear. Keep in mind that even small, stray branches can damage roof shingles as well. Once it’s safe to return, do not climb up on the roof yourself. For safety’s sake, call us first.

Keep in mind that if your roof is between 15-20 years old, it may need replacement due to age, and storm damage may be even worse. Your roof and siding are your home’s first line of defense against all of the storms our Northern Virginia climate can throw at it, so be sure to act promptly if you notice any of these signs of damage right after the storm.

We can safely evaluate the extent of any damage and help you through the process of storm damage roof repair. Contact Affordable Quality at (800) 411-0030 for assistance.


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