Gutters Covers/Cleaning


Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is a vital aspect of home maintenance that should be performed twice per year. Contact us for an estimate. Repeat customers and customers with annual contracts always get a discount!

Gutter Covers

Affordable Quality offers three different types of gutter covers to fit your needs and budget.

Good: Wire Mesh Gutter Screen


Slides under first row of shingles, screws to front of gutter. Keeps gutters and downspouts clear, but debris tends to gather on top.

Maintenance: May need to have debris blown off top of screens annually, depending on your debris type and load.

Better: Leafproof

Slides un first row of shingles, secured to front of gutter. Has accompanying “Hi-flo” product for areas that experience a high rate of water run off

Maintenance: Homes with heavy tree cover will have to spray the front lip of the cover with a hose annually.

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Best: Leaf Exterminator

Attaches to front and rear of gutter only, does not involve roof for install. Not visible from the ground

Maintenance: Minimal.

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